Does working from home work?

Does working from home work?

Recent surveys by Regus, a company that offers serviced office space, virtual offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms across the world, show that 44% of entrepreneurs in Greece believe that the things that can distract you when you work from home are many. Meanwhile, 59% of them say that, when the workplace is close to home, proximity helps to increase their productivity and reduce travel time, while 20% believe it is the solution to loneliness during working days, something that working from home might entail.

Regus conducted a survey in Greece, where more than 100 entrepreneurs participated. The survey aimed at gathering data regarding opinion on the issue of off-set work. Results showed that entrepreneurs find it difficult to concentrate when they work from home (44%). Main reasons included: family responsibilities (34%), pets attracting their attention (34%), slow internet connection (17%).

According to this survey, therefore, our home is not the ideal working environment. Meanwhile, working from a location near home was very popular as an option for the participants, which claimed that the latter was the ideal solution for the improvement of the work-life balance (59%) because it frees time from commuting, making it possible to spend more time with their loved ones. 

Other significant findings included:

23% of participants find that common household noise, such as the doorbell ringing and noise from appliances like the washing or dish machine operating, to be a problem

26% suggested that proximity of work location to home, helps them focus on their job tasks and be more efficient.

Katerina Manou, Regus Balkans director, comments on the issue: ‘For entrepreneurs, proximity means enjoying the benefits of working from home plus the benefits, such as efficiency, from working in an office. There are so many distractions that reduce efficiency at home, thus many entrepreneurs choose to work from a location near their house.

It does not come as a surprise to us that entrepreneurs believe that working from a location near their home has an input in the increase of efficiency since household noises are eliminated. Furthermore, it helps them retain a higher level of professionalism, something hard to retain when, for instance, your colleagues can hear your washing machine working during your skype meeting! Ideally, you can find a place to work remotely other than home, but close to it. This would minimise commuting time, which would contribute to work-life balance, less stress and more family time. It would also have a great input in efficiency, offering, at the same time, access to all the necessary high-tech office gear that you have at the office.’