Fortune 500: The Most Successful American Companies for 2017

Fortune 500: The Most Successful American Companies for 2017

Let’s have a look at the top-10 of Fortune’s golden companies for 2017, shall we?



Revenue: $485.873

Walmart is the online/digital future’s tree that keeps on giving—they invest heavily in technology and, being the largest company in the world that they are, have input in lower prices. The company aims at surpassing its competitors, Target and Amazon in industry shares. Noteworthy, they have more than 11,000 stores in 28 countries, as well as e-commerce online stores for 11 countries.


Revenue: $223.604

Berkshire Hathaway is on the top of the tops of its history. Noteworthy, with minimum input from Warren Buffet than ever. The company used to have a vast dependence on Warren’s talent in investments, but today... not so much! They are currently a group of tens of companies that includes, among many more, the automobile insurance, Geico, the lingerie company, Fruit of the Loom, and the railways giant, Burlington Northern.


Revenue: $215.639

Apple seems to be stuck this year, in comparison of the rapid evolvement of the last decade—first came the iPod, then the mighty iPhone, but now came… a wall! Sales from the rest of their products like iPad and Apple Watch are not remarkable and the company is depending on smart phones more and more. They still, however, invest in software, as well as in new opportunity lands such as cars.


Revenue: $205.004

Despite its smaller than last year revenue, ExxonMobil remains the point of reference of its sector for just about every single element—from profits to safety standards. EM still has an Achille’s Heel of sorts though: her negative input in climate change.


Revenue: $192.487

McKesson, the largest medical supplies in the United States, keeps facing obstacles. This is due to the decline of the medicine products’ prices inflation, which makes consumers re-examine their options. That said, the company’s management is pretty active in its efforts to address the problem. They took over many companies, signed a handful of deals and saw their actions abridging the negative consequences.  


Revenue: $184.840

UnitedHealth Group, the biggest health insurance company in the US, has expresses its will to… walk alone! They certainly can do that, if we consider their 130 million clients around the world, as well as their investment portfolio in several sectors, such as Health Care Services and Pharmaceuticals distribution.


Revenue: $177.526

CVS Health kept walking towards the transformation from a pharmaceuticals company to a health care company; in the context of the trend we observe occurring in the US that wants health care to be a Retail commodity. The company spent the whole year incorporating Target’s pharmacies and clinics, as well as Omnicare (they acquired that one in 2015). At the same time, they are focusing their efforts on the management of the trend that shows pharmaceutical’s costs rising.


Revenue: $166.380

General Motors left the year with robust sales revenue for Cadillac (best sales on a global scale since 1986), and Chevrolet (best sales in USA for ten consecutive years). The company is making the best of the rising automobileindustry in the US, while working hard on making a fully integrated system out of OnStar, its subsidiary that provides subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security, hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics systems. Just like their competitors, GM is striving to minimize their production costs, investing, at the same time, in services and deals that aim at changing their brand image from ‘car company’ to ‘transportation company’, as regards to their main business operation.

9. AT&T

Revenue: $163.786

Telecommunications giant’s, AT&T, revenue rose in 2016, while their profits were as high as 39,3 billion dollars from operations. The company is investing non-stop in wireless internet, optical fibre and networks. They entered the year with DirecTV as a confirmed asset (they bought it in 2015), while they announced one more huge deal: the takeover of Time Warner.

10. Ford Motor

Revenue: $151.800 billion

Ford had the second-best year of her personal record in 2016. The automobile company had impressive revenue and positive profits, while they also presented 11 brand new models. At the same time, they announced the addition of 13 new electric car models, to be launched in the next five years. Noteworthy, they also enhanced their investments portfolio with investments in interconnectivity and mobility technologies, and so did their competitors at GM. Ford is aiming at producing their first 100% self-drive car model by 2021.